CareTuner helps clinicians deliver safe, patient-centered, and high-quality care. CareTuner collects important patient data to support care continuum, integrates with EMR systems, and provides decision support and state-of-the-art, holistic patient monitoring.

The CareTuner solution includes:

  • Informed decisions using enhanced decision support tools – powered by patient-reported outcomes
  • Effortless retrieval of accurate, timely, and reliable data
  • Simple and intuitive data presentation
  • Enhanced workflows including automation of repetitive tasks
  • Secure information sharing with other organizations and clinicians
  • Faster and easier prescribing for complex prescriptions

Pill Recognition and Image Guided Medication Management:

The CareTuner platform includes new mobile technology that enables digital identification of medications and keeps a digital copy of all medications consumed – using just a smartphone. Patients scan their medicines using their mobile phone camera and advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms immediately identify the medications and match them with the patient’s prescription. Feedback is provided to the patient and personal medication use history is securely saved and can be shared with caregivers and healthcare professionals.

This solution:

  • Leverages mobile phones, medical devices and web apps to help patients and their caregivers monitor and improve patient health
  • Gives clinicians and researchers a deep understanding of patient health behaviors
  • Runs on Android, iOS devices, and web apps, using cloud technology to keep data in sync

Irody partners with pharmaceutical companies, retailers, payers, clinical researchers and medical device manufacturers and is already changing the lives of tens of thousands of patients around the world.