Clinical Studies and Research

Clinical studies and other research can benefit from Irody’s technology and solutions. Irody partners with organizations on specific studies – for example, NYU, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and North Shore Hospital used Irody technology in a prospective, three-year study to investigate fertility patterns among women talking antiepileptic drugs.

Additionally, data from patient diaries around the world is continually captured and stored. Anonymous data from these databases can be made available to researchers in a range of disciplines.

Among the advantages to using Irody’s technology in clinical research:

  • Research coordinators receive real-time details regarding subjects’ compliance and symptoms so they can make adjustments as needed.
  • An accurate record is created showing which medication was consumed, where and when.
  • Medical device readings can be recorded and stored as part of the dataset as applicable.
  • It is easy to manage and view data of patients in multiple or remote sites.