Mobile Patient Diaries: EpiDiary

EpiDiary™ is a set of mobile and web-based apps connected to a cloud server that helps patients with epilepsy and other neurological conditions accurately, easily and effectively manage their medications and record symptoms, which improves compliance with their prescribed care plan, as well as health outcomes. Irody’s image-guided medication management technology that is embedded in EpiDiary is allowing patients to take a high-resolution, close-up picture of their current medication and when taking pills, compare them to the stored pictures to ensure they are taking the right medication at the right time.

Image Guided Medication Management

This Image Guided mobile patient diary empowers patients with chronic health conditions to record their daily health activities. Patients can record actions using multiple devices – iOS and Android phones/tablets or their home computer; entries from all devices are synchronized in real-time to a secure cloud database.

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Patients can use Irody’s mobile patient diaries and Irody’s Image Guided Medication Management technology to:

  •  Encouraging the safe use of medications by adding photos of the actual medications for the patient’s reference
  • Contributing to historically accurate medication records by creating a history of past and current medications, related images, dosage, and adverse events, if applicable.
  • Get reminders to take meds, refill prescriptions, visit the clinic and use the diary
  • Report episodes, symptoms, medicine consumption and side effects
  • Generate reports about their health activities, compliance and symptoms
  • Share their data with caregivers and clinicians

Data collected from these diaries can improve treatment plans and outcomes for individuals, and for clinical purposes such as prevention of hospital readmission, improving continuity of care and tele-medicine services.

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