Patients and Caregivers

Irody’s solutions help patients, parents and other caregivers leverage more accurate and timely information to enhance the patient’s health management.
Irody’s solutions enable patients to record their health-related details (whether the right medicine was taken at the right time, side effects and symptoms).
Parents and other caregivers gain confidence that the patient is being properly cared for when away from home.
Authorized caregivers – a concerned family member, the parent of a young child or a personal health aide – can:

  • Confirm whether, when and where the patient took their medicines – a special concern for parents while a child is at school, daycare or camp
  • Receive notifications if a medicine was missed or late
  • View patient diary data, including medicines taken and missed
  • Generate reports and print out medicine organizers

Sample screen from MyMSandMe, and a chart from My Epilepsy Diary