Irody’s telemedicine solutions utilize our technology in a variety of healthcare settings.  Our solutions can be branded and customized for different types of partners, including hospitals, clinics, and clinical research organizations.

  • CareTuner™ is a holistic telehealth solution that incorporates mobile, web, and cloud technology. CareTuner utilizes asynchronous telehealth technology to support providers’ clinical productivity and patients’ continuous data collection. CareTuner facilitates remote care for neurology patients and is specifically suitable for healthcare provider teams, allowing them to provide care for more patients, comfortably from the patient’s home.
  • MyPillSense™ is a smartphone app and service that prompts patients and confirms that they take the right medicine at the right time – using Irody’s patented Pill Recognition technology.
  • EpiDiary™ is Irody’s mobile patient diary that uses our patented Image Guided Medication Management™ technology to empower patients with chronic health conditions to record their daily symptoms and activities. Patients can also share these reports with caregivers, health care providers and researchers.
  • Irody’s solutions come with feature-rich cloud-based data aggregation, field-proven data processing and data management capabilities, that have been developed over several years of experience working with patients and clinicians.
  • While each solution is localized, our clients also benefit from our experience serving the international community, which enables comparisons of patient data on a global basis.