Irody was founded  by a group of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in vision and signal processing, medicine, epidemiology as well as scientific and medical research.


As a company, we believe in digital health for everyone everywhere. We have created a new category of therapeutic product – Remote Patient Monitoring for Neurology – to allow people of all ages and cultures having a neurology challenge to power their own health, taking better care of themselves and each other.

We see three trends: First, there are more people with smart phones than ever in history. Second, medications and food supplements have a major impact on our health and are the most common form of treatment used by patients, for prolonged periods of time. Third, to get better care, there is a need to have digitally validated information and digital monitoring of how medicines are truly used.


Our vision is to bring medicines use to the digital age by integrating medicines and vitamins use experience with the smartness of mobile – via our computer vision technology – to make healthcare more accessible, manageable and innovative. We believe that applying sophisticated, yet easy to use technology at the precise point where it can have most impact – just before patients place medications in their mouths, can make a difference. This is how we help patients and add to the healthcare system new scalable and cost-effective care paradigms focused on daily care and new information-based business models.