Health Care Providers

Doctors, nurses and clinics are recommending Irody’s patient diaries to their patients with chronic or long-term conditions to more reliably monitor patients’ compliance and reaction to treatment.

Timely access to more accurate patient records enables doctors and other providers to optimize an individual’s treatment plan. At the same time, the collective data from a cross-section of patients gives providers the opportunity to analyze patterns across populations.

The results may include:

  • Insights into patient response to treatments
  • New treatment regimens based on collective data trends
  • Improved treatment instructions
  • An understanding of how external factors – such as mood or even weather -may have an impact on symptoms.


With a view into their patients’ daily health events, providers can see whether their patients understand and are following the regimen they’ve prescribed. Treatment plans based on a more accurate view of whether current plans are being followed reduce unwarranted changes to plans that may have been effective if followed.