Did you ever question whether you were taking the right medicine at the right time?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Did I take two pills or just one?” or “I wish someone could verify for me I am doing the right thing with my medicines?”

If you care for a child or elderly parent, have you ever worried whether they received the right medicines when they were separated from you?

Irody’s PillVision™ eliminates these concerns. Here’s how it works:

  • The person dispensing the medicines scans the pills with a smartphone camera.
  • PillVision stores the image and labels it with the time and location.
  • Irody’s algorithms identify the medicine and compare it with the patient’s scheduled medicines.
  • If the medicine is not a match with the patient’s regimen, PillVision gives a warning.
  • PillVision sends a copy of the pill taken to the parent/caregiver for their information.
  • If a medicine was not given as schedule, PillVision sends an alert to the patient or caregiver.

PillVision enables patients to take better care of themselves, and parents/caregivers know in real time what, when and where a medication is taken.

two pill rec 2

Irody’s Pill Recognition technology can tell you if you are taking:

ok Right medicine, right time
early Right medicine, taken too early
late Right medicine, taken at late time
ok This medicine already taken
not-time Right medicine, wrong time
wrong Wrong medicine
toofew Too few pills of this medicine
toomany Too many pills of this medicine
missed Medicine missed (not taken)
missed Took an extra medicine