Image Guided Medication Management

Image Guided Medication Management (IGMM) is a technology developed by Irody to improve the safety of taking multiple medications in a world of ever changing medicines. It equips patients and healthcare professionals with patient-generated actual photos of patient’s medications.  When medications from different sources are provided to patients, the color, size and shape of the pills change frequently. Patients can no longer rely on the looks of the pills they remember as a guide for properly taking their medications. Using the actual photos of their current medications in a mobile view provides new capabilities to manage personal health. Since Irody’s technology leverages native device capabilities, no specialized hardware is required and millions of patients and caregivers can optimize treatment based on improved data collection.

Having patients take pictures of their actual medications, and refreshing them as their looks changes have positive health implications:

  • Safely taking medications – adding photos of the actual medications so that the patient will always see which medication to take
  • Timely notification and reminders – provide the real photo of the medication that needs to be taken
  • Historically accurate patient’s medication record – Patients and health professionals can see which medications were taken in the past, how they looked like, at which dose, and if there were any adverse events associated with any of them

Irody’s IGMM capabilities include:

  • Recording Medicines, when to take them and when to refill them
  • Getting reminders having actual images of your medications and refills on your phone
  • Share actual records of pills taken with care givers, in real-time
  • Share records with the care team to ensure safe and appropriate use

Unique reporting capabilities are available to patients and health care professionals using the online Image Guided Medication Management portal:

  • Personal Medical History
  • Customized Reports – including charts which can be printed or emailed
  • Remote setup of medication schedule for the patient
  • Medicine Organizer
  • Summary of Notes