Localization and Standards

Irody’s solutions are localized in multiple languages and used throughout the world to support its growing network of patients. Irody’s localized apps are not simply translations of the UI: they comply with the local regulations, include medicine formulations specific to the target country. The cloud data is stored on servers in the target markets to meet regulations requiring medical information to stay within the target territory.

Key features of Irody’s localization technology

Irody’s Localization technology supports worldwide deployments more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Although each user interface is in the native language, data is kept in a unified format that enables direct comparisons of data across multiple countries..
  • International CROs, pharmaceutical companies and other researchers can conduct clinical studies on a worldwide basis, with real-time data collection.
  • Irody’s technology enables rapid localized roll-out of solutions on any device.


Irody’s technology can exchange medical information with other systems using the following protocols:

  • CCR – (Continuity of Care Record) to transport health data. CCR is an XML standard for health data exchange, used also with Microsoft© HealthVault™.
  • HL7 (Health Level Seven) -. is an international healthcare informatics interoperability standard used in CMS EMR/EHR systems.
  • RxNorm – for electronic drug information exchange. RxNorm is a standardized nomenclature for clinical drugs that eases interoperability between electronic systems that record or process clinical drug data.
  • A JSON-based Data API protocol to transport medical records. This protocol enables independent application developers to easily interface with Irody’s technologies.