Irody developed a unique end-to-end computer vision technology tailored for pill identification. By using Image Guided Medication Management and Pill Recognition technology patient are able to identify the medicines actually taken using their phone camera and have additional capabilities such as more meaningful reminders of the pills to take, camera pill identifier, and the virtual pillbox.
The technology drives a guided image capture to get the best quality image of the medicines using real time video processing. Then, by using real-time object tracking in a video stream, object recognition, color processing, shape recognition and high-level artificial intelligence, Irody’s technology enables the recognition of individual pills.

Similar to face or voice recognition technologies, Irody’s advanced machine vision capabilities enables the recognition of the many properties of a medicine including shape, size, and color. This technology has been embedded into native applications on iOS and Android devices, to provide intuitive and simple way for patients to digitally record their medication details objectively, reliably and quickly. Applications that use this new technology go beyond just reminding patients to take the right medications at the right time and can digitally confirm taking them by using the camera. It also seamlessly integrates time and location into the medication and symptoms records.

Image Guided Medication Management (IGMM) improves health

Image Guided Medication Management is a technology developed by Irody to improve the safety of taking multiple medications in a world of ever changing medicines. It equips patients and healthcare professionals with patient-generated actual images of patient’s medications. By using the actual images of their current medications in a mobile application, patients are able to immediately verify they are taking the right medication. In addition IGMM produces image based graphical summaries that help patients, caregivers and health care providers better understand regimen compliance and more accurately assess the effectiveness of current treatments.

Pill Recognition technology eliminates the guesswork

Irody’s technology is using proprietary intelligent algorithms to enable a phone to “see” and “understand” medications. Similar to face and voice recognition software, Irody is using computer vision and artificial intelligence cutting-edge technology to help recognize medicines. This unique technology eliminates the guesswork associated with which pills were taken and ties to the image guided medication management capabilities.

Secure cloud storage protects history and enables authorized sharing

Irody stores patient data securely in the cloud, facilitating authorized sharing with caregivers and health professionals, ensuring the patient’s history is retained if devices are lost or replaced.

Comprehensive Smartphone  Support enables easy deployment

Irody technology work on iOS and Android devices as well as via a web interface for home computing.

Intellectual Property

Key aspects of Irody’s technology are protected by US patents 7,747,454 , 9,031,853 and 9,177,265. Additional patents are pending.